Employer Database
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This business data source is derived from the 800,000 retirement and welfare benefit plans
that are submitted each year to the Employee Benefits Security Administration
of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Included in this Employer Database are the largest and most active businesses
in the United States.

This business data application has been designed to report on any and all
employers that meet user-defined industry, size and geographical criteria.

The wizard will guide you through a three step process to find the employers
that interest you:
  • Geography (State / Region / MSA)
  • Industry
  • Size
After selecting your criteria, you will be shown a report of how many employers
meet the criteria per geographical area, and you will have the option of viewing
the actual records behind each of those counts.

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This application is a service provided by AllThingsData.com, a unit of Business Development Solutions, Inc.